Marty Golden Cancels Female Etiquette Event

A scene from The Tudors.

State Senator Marty Golden’s event to help women learn how to do such activities as  “Sit, stand and walk like a model” and “Walk up and down a stair elegantly” was soundly mocked by a number of publications, and now it seems that it’s no more. His government website removed the seminar from its calendar* and his office sent out a statement defending concept but announced “we have chosen not to hold” the event.

“Each year, Senator Golden holds several well received events to provide options to his constituents for personal and business development.Our upcoming event, which we have chosen not to hold, is similar to ones being organized by other elected officials, as well as classes conducted in local high schools,” the press release read. “The Senator’s support of legislation and programs to help create jobs for all New Yorkers is a matter of public record, and we will be holding future events to assist them in finding and keeping a job.”

The event, first reported by City & State, promptly went national, with outlets like the Village Voice, Atlantic Wire, Comedy Central, Feministe,  ThinkProgress and the Associated Press all giving it some ink. Mr. Golden’s Democratic opponent, Andrew Gounardes, also jumped at the news, issuing a statement slamming the seminar and the state senator’s stance on women’s issues.

Some activists uninterested in proper etiquette even planned to attend, but now they will have to find a new activity that evening.

Update: They’re still planning some sort of rally, so it seems they will have something to do after all.

*It is still viewable in Google’s cache.

Marty Golden Cancels Female Etiquette Event