Mayor Bloomberg Reflects on the Olympics and What Could Have Been

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg wishes the Olympics were held in New York City instead of London this year, but, in his words, his administration is not going to “go and cry” about it. In fact, after a press conference earlier today, he said the city has built and done many of the things it would have done for the athletic event anyway.

“I’m sorry that we lost our opportunity, we gave it our best shot, and lots of people gave money and worked very hard  to bring the Olympics here,” Mr. Bloomberg said of the city’s unsuccessful bid to get its own Olympic nod. “It would have been wonderful, but we didn’t get it. But we didn’t go and cry. What we did is we built a very big percentage of the things we would have built anyways, if we had had the Olympics.”

“We have two new stadiums, we have new housing, we have better infrastructure,” he continued. “We’re working on a lot of things that we would have used the Olympics as a catalyst to raise money and build. The only thing we’re not having is the Olympics here.”

The mayor proceeded to launch into a discussion of traffic.

“My friends in London, they say it’s amazing,” he explained. “All of the people saying, ‘Oh, we’ll never be able to get around.’ You can get around London. London has bad traffic, which is good. We want bad traffic too. You don’t want streets that are empty, you want streets where a lot of people want to go places.  Yes, of course their infrastructure is going to be stressed during the Olympics.”

Mr. Bloomberg then discussed all of the great things the Olympic events a bringing to London.

“They’re going to get more exposure to tourists around the world, this will help their economy for a very long time,” he said, adding that the stadiums they’ve built will be repurposed for the future. “Everything that I’ve read says that they’ve done a great job. I just wish it was here. We gave it the old college try and we didn’t win.”

“Okay, next question.”

Mayor Bloomberg Reflects on the Olympics and What Could Have Been