MoMA Plans Quay Brothers Retrospective

(Courtesy MoMA)

The Museum of Modern Art has organized a retrospective of more than 300 works by avant-garde animators and filmmakers the Quay Brothers. It has the tongue-twisting title, “On Deciphering the Pharmacist’s Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets.”

The show, which runs Aug. 2, 2012, to Jan. 7, 2013, encompasses the entire 30-year span of the identical twins, which included a number of different styles and genres including animated and live-action films, puppets, décor, drawings, paintings, graphic projects, calligraphic works and installations. The exhibition was organized by Ron Magliozzi, an associate curator in the department of film at MoMA.

“The Quay Brothers’ work comes from a unique personal aesthetic rooted in disguised meanings, creative accident, marginalia, and collage,” Mr. Magliozzi said in a statement. “Although that may seem a bit obscure at first, the Quays have actually made some wide-ranging and far-reaching excursions into both the classics and pop culture, which museumgoers will at last have a chance to view as a whole.” MoMA Plans Quay Brothers Retrospective