Morning Links: Curtailed Edition

(Courtesy Getty Images)

The New York Times investigates that curiously re-appropriated Matisse drawing. “Topless Woman Found. Details Sketchy.” [NYT]

Ai Weiwei loses tax evasion appeal. [NYT]

And defends Bo Xilai. [FT]

The Los Angeles Times editorial board shares its view on the problems at MOCA. [LAT]

Kate Middleton visited the National Portrait Gallery in London. [USA Today]

Here is Jonathan Jones talking about the Head of Claudius. [The Guardian]

“When Popular Culture Caught Up to the Way We Live Now.” [WSJ]

Crochet artist Olek takes to Sao Paolo with a giant alligator sweater in the days before Smithsonian’s “40 Under 40: Craft Futures” exhibit, which starts today in Washington, DC. [Bowery Boogie] Morning Links: Curtailed Edition