Morning Links: Trophy Edition

(Courtesy Getty Images)

“A Baroque painting of the murdered John the Baptist that belonged to Frederick the Great of Prussia will return to Potsdam almost 70 years after a Red Army officer stole it from storage in a palace near Berlin.” [Bloomberg]

Souren Melikian interviews Bob Haboldt, a Dutch dealer who recently put out a trophy book of everything he’s sold. [IHT]

Here’s a preview of Jeremy Deller’s Bruce Lacey doc. [The Guardian]

Here’s Roberta Smith on Rineke Dijkstra’s mid-career retrospective at the Guggenheim. [NYT]

Here’s look at the the Museum of Art and Design’s three-month celebration of the VHS. [Rhizome]

Katie Holmes took some “me time” yesterday, to recover from her separation from Tom Cruise, by going to a New York museum you’ve never heard of with Suri. [E!]

Morning Links: Trophy Edition