Morning Read: Board of Elex Botches Another One; Stringer’s Pork Reforms; Fact-checking Obamacare’s Tax Breaks

Charlie Rangel’s slim lead grew slightly.

Juan Gonzalez discovers that a top Board of Elections official met before the election with key Rangel operatives, including Assemblyman Keith Wright.

Who are the losers in all of this? Everyone, a Dem source tells The DN: “the Board of Elections, for being exposed yet again as being stuck in the 1970s; No. 2, Rangel, for having to go down to the wire in a race he should have easily won; and No. 3, Espaillat, because even with the court challenge, he’s going to lose by some ‘class-president’-[election] number of votes.”

Michael Benjamin calls for mayoral control of the BOE. 

Scott Stringer is touting a new way his office has devised to divvy up pork, but it is hard not to view the program as a rebuke to his 2013 mayoral rival Christine Quinn.

A state judge sided with City Comptroller John Liu and took away Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s right to set wages for unionized city employees whose wages aren’t set by collective bargaining but by Liu.

A Florida lawmaker blasted Sen. Chuck Schumer’s claim that he was holding up the GSA’s move into 1 World Trade Center.

A Congressional report said that Ed Towns got two sweatheart loans from mortgage giant Countrywide. 

And speaking of pork, Leroy Comrie was Queen’s big winner, while Elizabeth Crowley saw her discretionary funding cut in half after she ran for Congress without the county party’s permission.

Joseph Berger goes deep in the weeds on the rival Satmar sects struggling for political power in Williamsburg.

After a series of deadly accidents involving falling tree branches, the Bloomberg administration and the City Council increased the budget for tree care.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers will return to Albany to prevent a scheduled tax increase for hundreds of thousands of owners of co-ops and condominiums in New York City.

The soda industry is taking to movie theaters and area beaches to fight back against Mayor Bloomberg’s big soda ban. 

Was the bust of a gambling hall in Chinatown  a crackdown on a Chinese criminal gang that harbored one of the largest illegal gambling operations uncovered in New York City’s recent history or a social club that hosted low-stakes games of mah-jongg?

Con Ed workers took to the streets to protest their lockout. 

The Washington Post fact-checker takes on Obamacare, and decides that the bill “will provide more tax relief than tax burden for middle-income Americans.”

Morgan Freeman says that Obama isn’t America’s first black president–he is America’s first mixed race president.

Senate Democrats raised $2.5 million off of the Supreme Court’s health care ruling. 

Smaller crowds met the president on his Ohio bus tour. 

A new poll gives Obama a four point lead.

The Romney campaign is no longer answering attacks on Bain. 

Meanwhile, both campaigns await the new jobs report.

Los Angeles is set to vote on whether or not porn stars should be forced to wear condoms. 

Morning Read: Board of Elex Botches Another One; Stringer’s Pork Reforms; Fact-checking Obamacare’s Tax Breaks