Morning Read: Board of Elex To Get Council Hearing; Con Ed’s Cuomo Money; Bain Beat Goes On

Con Edison gave $250,000 to the Committee to Save New York, putting Andrew Cuomo,who is being pressured to do something about their lockout, in a tough spot.

The City Council is set to hold hearings on the Board of Elections latest troubles with vote counting. 

A new report shows that Mike Bloomberg’s claims of student improvement may be overblown. 

New York City is failing to comply with a state law that requires financial disclosures form from those who have unpaid positions on policy making boards like the Taxi and Limousine Commission and the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

NYCHA has $42 million in funds for security cameras and other measures that the agency is sitting on while they figure out how to spend it, even as crime spikes. 

Hamptons residents are calling for a crackdown on noisy helicopters that ferry wealthy residents to their homes on weekends.

Eric Schneiderman is one of POLITICO’s 50 politico’s to watch. 

Juan Gonzalez cheers Schneiderman’s crackdown on government contractors who bilk their workers

An Albany-area Republican senator who voted to legalize same-sex marriage is facing a difficult re-election fight, with the Conservative Party refusing to support him.

The New York Post hits Christine Quinn in saying that caring about the spike in violence isn’t enough–it is time to act.

CNBC says that NY is the 34th best state for business–a drop of eight slots from last year.

Taxi fares are going up. 

The fight to save the old wooden Coney Island boardwalk is reaching its last stages. 

Westchester County is set to making it even more difficult for hydrofracking to occur in their community. 

The crackdown on texting while driving appears to be working. 

Are runners sabotaging bikers in Central Park?

Barack Obama said that his worst mistake as president was not in properly telling the story of what he was doing.

Mitt Romney told a Massachusetts election panel in 2002 that he remained active in a number of companies while running the Olympics.

CNN finds four current or former Bain officials–including two who support Obama–who said that Romney left the company in 1999.

Ben Smith says that Mitt Romney is walking right into a trap laid by Democrats over his Bain career, forcing him to explain technically what he was doing in his  VC career in ways that he rather would not.

The 2012 race seems to be more about the past than the future.

Rift healed, apparently: Cory Booker is co-chair of the DNC platform committee. 

Is the normally staid Washington Monthly being too damn flashy?

As Obama campaigned in military-heavy Virginia, the GOP hit him on defense cuts. 

Joe Biden warned that a Romney presidency would mean re-fighting old civil rights battles. 

Sarah Palin had still more advice for the Romney campaign. 

Cities that are facing bankruptcy all have similar histories:  overly excited spending during the boom years followed quickly by the recession, a high rate of foreclosures, and topped off with employee payment and pension obligations that outpaced plummeting tax revenues. Morning Read: Board of Elex To Get Council Hearing; Con Ed’s Cuomo Money; Bain Beat Goes On