Morning Read: Cuomo’s Email Avoidance; Romney VP Pick Coming Soon; Weiner’s Tell All?

Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner, wants him to do a tell-all interview to clear the air over his sexting

Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner, wants him to do a tell-all interview to clear the air over his sexting scandal and help put him back in the public eye.

Andrew Cuomo refuses to communicate with his staff over email, preferring instead phone conversations or text messages which are beyond the reach of reporters who make freedom of information requests. 

Bill de Blasio and Christine Quinn are scrubbing their Wikipedia page in advance of their mayoral campaigns. 

Bill Thompson raised $500,000 in the latest fundraising cycle. It is unclear how much cash he has on hand.

The city has proposed placing two of Eva Moskowitz’s charter schools in the heart of Manhattan, giving the Success Academies a toe-hold in the more affluent parts of New York City.

Eric Schneiderman and the AG of Connecticut  are launching an investigation into whether or not local banks implicated in the LIBOR probe violated anti-trust laws.

A much touted investigation started by then AG-Andrew Cuomo into public employees padding their pensions with overtime has been dropped, and critics say the whole thing was merely to pad Cuomo’s resume for his gubernatorial run.

Andrew Cuomo is set to disband the scandal-scarred New York Racing Association and replace it with a 17 member board picked by the governor and legislative leaders. 

On a front porch interview with Jimmy Vielkind, Chris Gibson says that jobs will be the most important message of his re-election campaign.

Morgan Pehme profiles Kirsten Gillibrand, and notes that has a career trajectory similar to Barack Obama’s. 

Casey Seiler thinks that Andrew Cuomo should have attended his own bobblehead night.

A very cool WNYC data map reveals that the NYPD doesn’t recover the most guns in the neighborhoods where they perform the most stop-and-frisks. 

Grace Meng is set to kick off a local and federal push for microstamping legislation today. 

A union drive among the workers at small supermarkets in Brooklyn is about to set up a clash between two immigrant groups: Latino employees and Korean owners.

A state Assembly candidate who publishes a Korean-language newspaper was busted when it was revealed that the paper published Backpage-style prostitution solicitations.

State Senate tea leaves: For the first time since 2004, IDC member Dave Valesky has no GOP challenger.

A blunder out of Tom DiNapoli’s office that led to the social security numbers of hundreds of state lawmakers being posted online has led to a furious outcry from those whose data was revealed.

Tens of thousands of people commit unemployment fraud in New York, costing the state an estimated $150 million, but few are ever caught, The Buffalo News reports.

Several of New York’s poorest hospitals are forced to go without malpractice insurance, meaning that any future awards or settlements could come at the expense of patients’ care.

A Times-Union columnist thinks that the Albany area has a self-esteem problem. 

The G-train has been expanded permanently to Church Ave in Brooklyn. 

Per capita, New York has fewer corporate headquarters than other major American cities. 

Con Ed and locked out workers are set to resume negotiations today. 

A Romney VP pick could be announced as soon as this week.  

The Obama campaign is unusually strict about what they allow campaign staff to say even on background. 

And the Obama campaign has taken a page from the GOP and learned that staying above the fray isn’t enough. 

Mark Halperin thinks the Romney campaign needs to start answering some questions about Bain. 

Michael Tomasky wonders where the Bain story will go next. 

Obama justified the look at Romney’s past, saying, “elections are about choices.” Morning Read: Cuomo’s Email Avoidance; Romney VP Pick Coming Soon; Weiner’s Tell All?