Morning Read: Huma Speaks; Gloria Steinem Pressures Quinn; Marco Rubio Off The Veep List

Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner gave a joint interview to People Magazine. 

Chris Christie’s “continued hostile encounters” have blunted his veep ambitions.

He is apparently being eyed for the keynote spot at the RNC. 

Mike Bloomberg gave $2,400 to Guillermo Linares’ State Senate bid.

Gloria Steinem told Christine Quinn she would only support her for mayor if she approved a paid sick leave bill.

Quinn received $17,000 from Related Company after she exempted the developer from a living wage bill.

Michael Goodwin says that Weiner for mayor float is  “insane, a reflection of Weiner’s inflated sense of self-importance and lack of remorse.”

National Journal names eight House seats in New York that could determine control of the chamber. 

A report by Dick Ravitch and Paul Volker found that New York cut the fewest government jobs and spent the most on government while taxing the most among big states as a portion of income in 2009.

Bill de Blasio defended his fundraising from the taxi medallion industry: “I thought this was a bad process with a bad result, and I spoke out on it, and that’s the bottom line,” he said, and  “I am obviously going to go out and raise money for a campaign from a wide variety of sources; other candidates are going to do the same.” De Blasio joined a lawsuit on their behalf against the city.

Test scores jumped in New York, a result that Mike Bloomberg said was a testament to his education policies. 

Estelle Cooper, an 81-year-old prominent Queens Republican who helped oversee the refurbishment of Flushing Meadows Park, was indicted on charges that she stole more than $50,000 from Unisphere Inc., a nonprofit organization she founded in 2003, ostensibly to continue her work protecting the park. She could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Chuck Schumer urged the Dept. of Justice to drop a suit against Amazon. 

The city worked out an agreement with the federal government to jointly manage Jamaica Bay. 

Voting machines in the Rangel/Espaillat race appeared to miss hundreds of votes. 

The Board of Elections will cease counting ballot scanners by hand, in a move designed to speed the vote-counting process. 

Con Ed urged the Public Service Commission to reject a union petition that would end the lockout of workers. 

Anti-gay slurs witnesses by tennis great Martina Navratilova may inspire Christine Quinn to a crackdown on the carriage horse industry. 

A scaled down NYU expansion plan was approved by the City Council.

New York led the region in H-1B visa requests. 

Police had to use pepper spray to stop a McCarren Park pool fight.

The city is investigating the Gansevoort Hotel pool parties. 

Dick Cheney urged the House GOP to say no to automatic defense cuts. 

Rush Limbaugh thinks that the latest Batman movie is anti Mitt Romney

Romney says that his fellow Republicans don’t realize what will happen if he releases his tax returns.

Rick Perry however renwed his call for Romney to do just that. 

An in-depth report on how Romney goes about making his veep selection.

It seems as if Rubio was never on the shortlist.

The WSJ wants Romney to talk more about Bain. 

Morning Read: Huma Speaks; Gloria Steinem Pressures Quinn; Marco Rubio Off The Veep List