Morning Read: Cuomo vs the State Police; Skelos Drops Weapons-Themed Fundraiser; Romney Aides Tells Reporters To ‘Kiss My Ass’

Aides to Gov. David Paterson wanted the state police to fire ten white members of his security detail and replace then with Black and Latino law enforcement officers.

State police officials say that when he was attorney general, Andrew Cuomo dissuaded them from hiring counsel when they were under investigation about the matter.

For what it’s worth, Paterson loves life as an ex-governor: “It’s an instant enjoyment in the morning. I wake up and everything is not my fault.”

Dean Skelos abruptly cancelled plans to attend a weapons themed fundraiser for Assemblyman Steve Katz in the wake of the Aurora shootings.

Mayor Bloomberg rejected a proposal yesterday by Eric Adams and Karim Camara to add $50 million to community groups in neighborhoods beset by gun violence, saying that stop-and-frisk works better.  “You know, feel-good organizations are great and do some good. That’s not our problem. Our problem is guns on the streets, people that those kinds of programs would probably never reach.”

A new report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms showed that despite NY’s tough gun laws, illegal guns still flow into the state. 

Malcolm Smith says he is still considering running for mayor. 

Simcha Felder accused David Storobin of having a dead woman on his nominating petitions. 

Syracuse congressman Richard Hanna slammed his fellow Republicans for their extremism. 

State budget deficits are expected to grow. 

The company behind the city’s bike-share program--which was supposed to start today but is delayed by a software glitch–is asking for more money from lead sponsor Citi.

The Post mocks Christine Quinn for her Chick-Fil-A petition.

Cuomo vetoed a bill that would make it easier for religious parents to send their children to private school at taxpayer expense.

As NYC tries to get rid of bad teachers, the city is letting many good teachers slip away, a new report found.

Karol Markowicz slams Mayor Bloomberg’s new initiative to make bottle feeding more difficult for new parents.

Columbia University will receive $15 million in financial help from New York City to significantly expand its engineering school, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced.

Brooklyn Heights residents aren’t so sure about the velodrome coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

Out of town homeless families are flooding New York City shelters. 

Mitt Romney praised Poland for embracing a model of small government after years of Soviet rule.

While there, a Mitt Romney aide told reporters trying to ask questions of the candidate to “kiss my ass.”

The question that seemed to set off the aide: “What about your gaffes?” asked by a WaPo reporter.

The buzz around Marco Rubio keeps building even as his veep prospects dim.

Will John Boehner snub conservatives in order to avoid a government shutdown?

San Antonio mayor Julian Castro will give the keynote address at the DNC. 

Overeating on the bus. 

The Obama campaign unveiled a new canvassing app. 

Newt Gingrich can’t help but go off-message while campaigning for Romney.  Morning Read: Cuomo vs the State Police; Skelos Drops Weapons-Themed Fundraiser; Romney Aides Tells Reporters To ‘Kiss My Ass’