Morning Read: Bloomberg Raises For Scott Brown; Christie Open to 2016 While Cuomo Lays Groundwork; Christine Quinn, Jersey Girl

Mike Bloomberg is fundraising for Scott Brown in his race against Elizabeth Warren.

Despite his avowed denials of thinking about running for president, Andrew Cuomo has the largest war chest of any sitting governor in the country, and next month he will hold a series of policy seminars with some of the leading public policy thinkers in the country.

Andrew Cuomo has proposed a series of far-reaching measures intended to help illegal immigrants who have been permitted to stay in the country due to Barack Obama’s executive order. 

Both Shelly Silver and Dean Skelos are playing the stock market with campaign money, including with companies that have business before the state.

Bill de Blasio will announce a plan to sue the city in order to force the Bloomberg administration to release data about how much of their revenue comes from fines.

Ruben Diaz is “seriously considering” a public advocate’s run, Chris Bragg reports.

Con Ed and its locked out workers will meet after Andrew Cuomo wrote a letter to the Public Services Commission urging such a meeting.

David Chen takes a look at Christine Quinn’s weekend life on the Jersey Shore. 

Jimmy Meng called the witness who secretly taped him soliciting bribes, resulting in a scolding from the presiding judge.

The City Council called on the NYPD to investigate car crashes where no one dies more thoroughly. 

A whittled-down NYU expansion plan was approved by the City Council. 

State tax revenues exceeded projections for the most recent quarter. 

The MTA unveiled their 2013 preliminary budget, which includes a fare increase. 

A ten-year old Queens boy who whose principal deemed his class speech in favor of gay marriage was “inappropriate” for school was invited to deliver it in front of the City Council. 

After the death of Sherman Hemsley, The Times pays a visit to the “deluxe apartment in the sky” where the Jeffersons lived on 84th and Third.

Chris Christie will think about running for president in 2016.

Mitt Romney will not be on hand to root for his wife’s dressage horse in the Olympics. 

Romney was a registered lobbyist in Utah.

Romney declined to say how his veterans policy would be different from Barack Obama’s.

The Obama camp must keep turnout among African-American voters high. 

Joe Biden has been tasked with tending to the Democratic base.

Nate Silver says that after two months, very little has changed in the presidential race.  Morning Read: Bloomberg Raises For Scott Brown; Christie Open to 2016 While Cuomo Lays Groundwork; Christine Quinn, Jersey Girl