Morning Read: Labor’s 2013 Cash; Obama’s Gun Control Silence; ‘Eliot’s Minions’

The Times has more on the Cuomo administration’s penchant for secrecy; now the administration is withholding documents related to the Troopergate investigation during Cuomo’s time as attorney general over the objections of the object of that investigation Eliot Spitzer.

In Michael Powell’s latest, he slams Cuomo for staying out of the Con Ed lockout, quoting a union official who calls the governor, “a Democrat in Republican clothing.”

The next mayor will face a multi-billion dollar fiscal time bomb, John Liu said, because he or she will have to give back pay to municipal employees now working without a contract.

Top Democratic fundraiser Jay Kriegel isn’t taking sides in the mayoral race, bundling nearly $100,000 for all four contenders–Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio, Bill Thompson and Scott Stringer.

And labor unions have significantly upped their contributions for 2013. 

Mike Bloomberg on Piers Morgan: “I have a responsibility, just like you do, just like everybody does in this country, to try to address the key issues. You and I can’t solve the problem, but we can demand that those elected officials who are – or want to be in charge, have a solution to the problem.”

Bloomberg added that police around the nation should go on strike to protest America’s lax gun laws. 

Grace Meng and Dan Halloran disagree about assault weapons. 

Meng is expected to stay out of the race to replace her. 

It was alleged in Larry Seabrook’s corruption trial that the councilman used gas receipts to illegally launder $50,000. 

Ultimately, a big soda ban will come down to the Board of Health, which is entirely comprised of Bloomberg appointees.

The soft drink industry is painting the ban as a matter of American values. 

The mayor has launched a PR campaign of his own, backed by 1199 and prominent advocates of the ban.

Post columnist says that stop-and-frisk “saved New York.”

The MTA is cracking down fare cheats. 

The city is implementing a driver’s ed  program for wayward cyclists. 

Two new lawsuits detail the abuse patients suffered at states institutions for the mentally disabled. 

The Nets unveiled a series of “Hello Brooklyn” billboards as a welcome to their new home.

Barack Obama accused the Republicans of “playing politics” over budget cuts that could hurt the U.S. military. 

Mitt Romney said they were not a need for new guns laws in the wake of the Aurora shooting. 

Nate Silver gave a slight downgrade to Barack Obama’s chances of winning re-election.

How Obama went quiet on gun control.

The fight last summer over whether to raise the debt ceiling increased the Treasury’s borrowing costs by about $1.3 billion in fiscal year 2011, according to a new report.

Martin Amis, on the politics of his new homeland: “I’ve had the great pleasure of watching the incredible convulsions of the Republican Party. They’ve been pathetic. And I do think it’s a reaction to having a black president—despite everything they say, it’s been killing them.”

A Libertarian candidate for Congress in Kansas has legally changed his name to Thomas Jefferson.  Morning Read: Labor’s 2013 Cash; Obama’s Gun Control Silence; ‘Eliot’s Minions’