Morning Read: Mayoral Election in June; Romney On Fire; Is The Weiner Comeback for Huma?

The Board of Elections is considering moving up the 2013 mayoral primary to June.

Andrew Cuomo said he eschews email not for secrecy but to avoid hacking.

Andrew Grossman profiles Sean Patrick Maloney, whose resume in the Elliot Spitzer administration is gaining him unwanted scrutiny on the campaign trail.

The reason behind the Anthony Weiner return rumors: he has $4.5 million in the bank, and is set to receive another $1.5 million in matching funds, and will lose it all if he doesn’t run this year.

The Motherlode blog wonders if Huma Abedin’s career was the spark behind the People Magazine interview. 

Andrea Peyser has the answer: “Like many American househusbands, junk-centric Weiner, who resigned from Congress last year, can’t get a job and finds changing diapers smelly and unfulfilling. Meanwhile, his wife is starting to nag and kvetch. Pretty soon, she might drive Weiner back to the Internet.”

The interview was the result of an invite from Abedin, according to People, which noted that she wanted to show that their relationship has thrived since the scandal and the birth of their son, The Post reports.

Dan Maffei was one of the few congressional candidates who outraised their incumbent opponent last quarter.

Malcolm Smith spent $41,000 of campaign cash on travel to China, Canada, and around the U.S.

Dov Hikind has sent over $40,000 of campaign cash to two non-profits controller by his wife. 

Affordable housing developers say new wage reporting requirements mandated by the City Council will cost them an extra $40 million a year.

Cuomo signed a bill that would automatically register five-year-old for kindergarten.

A new lawsuit contends that thousands of low-income families may face eviction because a high-demand for a city and state program that provides temporary rental assistance had led to a shortage of workers available to help those in need.

State environmental officials are cracking down on air polluters in the Bronx.

The MTA announced that it would allow companies to advertise on the front of Metrocards.

According to a State IG report released investigators with the Public Service Commission leaked details of their investigation into a deadly natural gas explosion to the utility in order to allow them time to respond.

The Obama campaign is bracing to be outspent by Mitt Romney.

The DNC apologized for using Ann Romney’s “dancing horse” in ads after she told Robin Roberts that the dressage horse was to help her with MS.

Mitt Romney is clear: he is not releasing any more tax returns. 

Romney noted that states with GOP governors had better job growth records.

Romney and Obama are now tied in Virginia.

There seems to be new energy in Romney, driven in part by Obama’s line that entrepreneurs don’t build business by themselves.

David Wessel notes that for all the talk on the campaign trail about the unemployed, those with jobs are suffering too, with wages steadily declining.

Mitch McConnell appears to have single-handedly killed the DISCLOSE Act. 

Barack Obama wants $1 billion to go to a “master teacher corps” of ace teachers of science and math.  Morning Read: Mayoral Election in June; Romney On Fire; Is The Weiner Comeback for Huma?