Morning Read: Quinn’s Sudden Silence; GOP In Badger State; No Start Date On Bikeshare

Mayor Mike Bloomberg is hosting a fundraiser for Scott Brown because  he opposed a measure that would have required states to honor concealed weapons permits issued by other states, and not because his opponent, Elizabeth Warren, is a critic of Wall Street, even though Mr. Brown is generally supportive of gun rights bills.

John deSio, on the chatter that his boss, Ruben Diaz, is considering a public advocate run: “We are seriously considering it. That’s all I can tell anybody.”

Backers of Dan Halloran pounced on Grace Meng’s father arrest for bribery.Christine Quinn has been “distinctly squishy” on matters important to Mike Bloomberg as of late.

After his corruption conviction, Larry Seabrook told reporters “My reaction is that I continue to have faith in God, faith in the system, faith in my attorneys,” adding that he would “now prepare myself for whatever is next.”

Buffalo mayor Byron Brown has $1 million in the bank as he considers a third term.

The MTA is considering a $1 surcharge on every new Metrocard, which they say would encourage environmental sustainability (and would net the agency an extra $20 million.)

An anti-stop-and-frisk activist has video of an actual stop, which, he says, shows the brutality and randomness of the practice.

Park Slope received further landmark protection. 

The city’s bikeshare program keeps getting delayed, and the city declines to get specific as to why.

Schools chancellor Dennis Walcott announced that the city would examine how special education students are distributed throughout the school system in order to make sure that they are distributed throughout the system.

In the wake of this week’s deadly Harlem shooting, the NYPD may begin policing recreation basketball games. 

Lawsuits are costing the state’s localities $1 billion per year. 

Strip clubs in Tampa are preparing for the GOP convention. 

The House plans to vote on competing Democratic and Republican tax proposals next week. 

Barack Obama has been stressing abortion rights, and Mitt Romney has been stressing the sluggish economy as both try to woo suburban women.

Romney is making a play for Wisconsin.

The first Obama ad running during the Olympics has footage from the “You didn’t build that speech.”

For Democrats to take back the House, a lot needed to go right–and it hasn’t.

Police groups are now calling for stricter gun laws. Morning Read: Quinn’s Sudden Silence; GOP In Badger State; No Start Date On Bikeshare