Morning Read: Times Sinking; Cuomo’s Fundraising; The ‘Anti-Palin’ V.P.

Michael Grimm was cleared by a congressional ethics committee, but there’s still an ongoing FBI investigation.

“The Times has sunk to a new low,” Governor Cuomo’s spokesman declared, responding to an article about his preference for secrecy.

A new poll found that New Yorkers like Obamacare, a Democratic State Senate and Cuomo.

Jerry Skurnik broke down all of the petition filings for the September 13th legislative primaries.

Queens D.A. Richard Brown might investigate Myungsuk Lee’s newspaper for prostitution ads. The Post‘s lede: “This might not be the political happy ending he hoped for.”

The publication also warned of “The return of @RepWeiner.”

The Daily News and potential donors aren’t too happy about Weiner running for office, either.

Kerry Kennedy is expected to plead not guilty later today.

Bill Mahoney explained the continued phenomenon of major political contributions coming from people who have business before the state.

He also said Cuomo might be motivated by the concept of a dominating reelection bid.

Cuomo’s fundraising was boosted by a number of these large donations.

“The Jeremy Lin of politics?” Michael Benjamin asks, referring to congressional candidate Nate Shinagawa.

Political consultants gave Anthony Weiner advice on Inside City Hall.

While José Peralta pitched the need for microstamping legislation on Capital Tonight.

No, Rudy Giuliani did not like the 9/11 jokes in the movie Ted.

Some supporters of David Greenfield and Lew Fidler are giving to David Storobin.

There’s been no progress in the Con Ed labor negotiations.

Christine Quinn toughened her Con Ed stance after criticism.

The city’s trans-fat ban has made a tangible improvement in New Yorkers’ health.

Mayor Bloomberg’s bike-sharing program won’t be arriving on schedule.

The descendants of the first Mormons have been particularly supportive of Mitt Romney.

Tim Pawlenty might be the “anti-Palin” V.P. pick for Romney.

Romney’s losing control of his own narrative.

At a fundraiser, he singled out the waiters and waitresses there as people struggling economically.

President Obama initially missed the opportunity to smooch his wife on a “Kiss Cam,” but later rectified the situation. Morning Read: Times Sinking; Cuomo’s Fundraising; The ‘Anti-Palin’ V.P.