N.J.-federal battle over sports betting looms, Christie says

OCEAN CITY – Gov. Chris Christie said today that New Jersey has the law in place for sports betting to begin this fall, however the state has to wait and see “who dives in first.”

The governor was asked at an Ocean City beach town hall if sports betting would be allowed at the state’s casinos this fall. Christie told residents he signed the legislation into law that puts the measure in place, now it’s a waiting game to see which business takes the first bet.

“Listen, the first one who tries is going to get sued,” he said, telling the crowd that the federal government will almost certainly try to block New Jersey from sports betting.

However, the governor added, the state is ready to fight alongside whatever casino or business plans to choose that battle.

“We’re ready to prosecute that lawsuit,” he said, adding when the first casino takes the bet, “We’re going to be there to fight with them.”

The governor said he believes it’s important to fight that battle because the federal government shouldn’t regulate which states can have full or partial sports betting.

“It’s unfair to say that only Nevada can have only full sports betting and Delaware and other states can only have limited sports betting,” he said.


N.J.-federal battle over sports betting looms, Christie says