NBC Combines Top Chef With Bachelorette to Create a Program You Will Be Unable to Not Watch

The perfect combination? (Bravo, ABC)

As giant foodies (as in, we like food), as well as people who are interested in the intricacies of real life relationships (like the ones you see on reality television contests that involve rose ceremonies) we are very excited about this new NBC show that is currently being cast.

As the casting call says, “It’s a modern-day dating show that brings together everyone’s two favorite things: food and love.” These men must cook to win a woman’s heart. A modern day fairy tale, really, because we know that a way to a man’s heart is food, but the idea that women also enjoy eating food is a relatively new concept that even some third-wave feminists refuse to accept.

Bottom line: We bet a lot of lonely food truck dudes are going to go for this one.

Here’s the ad, via Craigslist:

Each episode pits real-life single men in competition with each other in the kitchen as they try to win the affection of our lovely bachelorette. The single guys will field questions while simultaneously cooking the bachelorette’s favorite dish. With the clock ticking down…who can keep their cool, let their personality shine and deliver the dish that will seal the deal? In the end the best plate gets the date!

We are looking for lively, engaging real women and men for a fun new dating show. Contestants should be 27 — 42 (any ethnicity), genuinely single, looking to connect and meet new people, and willing to step into a kitchen. Cooking skills not required but a sense of humor, good conversational/bantering skills, hobbies you are passionate about and a willingness to tell funny personal anecdotes and stories are.

Contestants must live in the NY/Tri-State area and be available to shoot July 30 and 31. Auditions week of July 16th in NYC.

It’s definitely a good thing that a cooking skills are not required for these guys, because who wants a show that can actually deliver on its promise to be about both food AND love.

One or the other ladies, you have to pick! NBC Combines <em>Top Chef</em> With <em>Bachelorette</em> to Create a Program You Will Be Unable to Not Watch