New Museum Says Rhizome Director Has Not Been Named

Ms. Cornell. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

On Tuesday the popular art blog Art Fag City ran a detailed item that claimed to reveal the replacement for Rhizome Executive Director Lauren Cornell, with a headline that began with the word “Breaking!” The post said Ms. Cornell’s replacement is a woman named Heather Corcoran, described as a “freelance curator and media expert” out of London and said that she would begin at the New Museum art and technology program this October.

“That was definitely a rumor,” said museum spokeswoman Gabriel Einsohn today, who returned from a vacation recently but said that as far as she knew Rhizome had not yet settled on a candidate. “They’re definitely in the middle of decision making.”

Reached for comment, Art Fag City Editorial Director Paddy Johnson stood by the story, saying that she could not offer any more information about the one source named in the post except to say that the blog has worked with the source on other occasions. She had not reached out to the museum herself since the piece ran.

“We asked the hiring committee for comment before we published the piece, but they never got back to us,” Ms. Johnson said.

Immediately following the publication, the Rhizome Twitter feed re-Tweeted Ms. Johnson’s link to the post calling it “not true,” though that Tweet has since been deleted. Since the initial posting, the first word in the Art Fag City headline has been changed from “Breaking!” to “Rumors!”

Ms. Cornell’s resignation was announced in April along with the news that she would curate the New Museum’s 2015 triennial with artist Ryan Trecartin.

New Museum Says Rhizome Director Has Not Been Named