No, Mayor Bloomberg Won’t Help You With Your Parking Ticket


“EXCLUSIVE: A longtime Bronx business owner was slapped with a $115 ticket for parking her car in a bike lane that doesn’t exist, The Post has learned,” read the beginning of a story hitting the streets of New York today. “Phyllis Cannon, 72, has been fighting the outrageous summons for five months, to no avail.”

And it turns out that Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t really care.

At a press conference on summer youth programs in Flushing this afternoon, a Post reporter started explaining Ms. Cannon’s situation only to have Mr. Bloomberg tersely interrupt him, asking, “What do you want me to do?”

The crowd snickered but the reporter nevertheless continued, asking Mr. Bloomberg if there’s anything at all he could do.

“No,” came the succinct answer.

After a pause, Mr. Bloomberg launched into an explanation.

“Fixing a ticket is not something a mayor should do and I will not do that,” he said. “I have no idea whether she was right or wrong, I don’t know whether the process worked.”

He also addressed the article and the tabloid directly, insinuating it may not have been completely verified.

“I assume that the paper that published it really researched it and didn’t just take her word for it, and that you did your own independent research before you asked this question, so I’ll let you continue to do that.”

No, Mayor Bloomberg Won’t Help You With Your Parking Ticket