OneTok Launches Platform Allowing Devs to Easily Integrate Voice Recognition Into Apps

Sorry, Siri.

Mr. Lilienthal (Photo:

We first introduced you to OneTok back in March, when we reported that it’d raised a $1.5 million seed round from investors including RRE Ventures. Back then, the NYC-based startup was operating solely in beta, working to bring its voice recognition platform–which allows developers to easily embed voice recognition technology into any app on Android, Blackberry 10 or iOS–to the masses.

Beta be gone–launch day has finally arrived: OneTok CEO and cofounder Ben Lilienthal gave Betabeat the heads up this morning that the SaaS platform officially debuts today. It seeks to give developers the ability to voice-enable mobile apps in an “easy and cost-efficient way.”

According to the press release:

OneTok is a cloud-based platform that lets developers configure any word or phrase to invoke any activity in their app, all with just a few clicks. Instead of jabbing at buttons while driving or typing their destination, smartphone and tablet users now can simply use their voice for tasks such as controlling and navigating apps, entering their login or conducting a search.

With the rise of tools like Siri and Google Now (even Martin Scorsese is in on the game), voice recognition is arguably one of the more desirable mobile app features. So bootstrapping app builders, rejoice: The OneTok team is offering the top 10 voice commands library free through the end of the year. Mr. Lilienthal and team plan to implement “success-based tiered pricing” in 2013.

“Too many developers give their customers the finger by forcing them to peck out words on a tiny keyboard and poke at virtual buttons,” Mr. Lilienthal said in a press release. “Today’s voice-enablement tools are overly complex and designed to make their vendors money. OneTok puts developers first, freeing them to focus on providing a great user experience.”

We humbly suggest that the Reddit is Fun Android app integrate OneTok’s technology so that we can upvote with our voice. OneTok Launches Platform Allowing Devs to Easily Integrate Voice Recognition Into Apps