Pucker up

Apparently GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s less than successful trip overseas has made his staff a little surly.

According to a Politico report, Romney was in Poland visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier when reporters traveling with the former Massachusetts governor began shouting questions at the Republican from behind the rope line.  The reporters wanted to know about a series of perceived “gaffes” made by Romney during the trip and another asked if the Republican nominee had a statement for the Palestinians.

Traveling Press Secretary Rick Gorka, who was the spokesman for the state Republican committee prior to signing on with the presidential campaign, took issue with the questions shouted at Romney and demanded the reporters “show some respect,” adding that the tomb was a” holy site for the Polish people.”

When a reporter protested that the press has had little chance to hear from Romney, Gorka reportedly told the reporter to “kiss my ass.”  He then told a Politico reporter to “shove it.”

According to the report, Gorka later called two reporters to apologize, saying the comments were “inappropriate.”

Unfortunately for Gorka, he violated the most important rule of flakdom, which is never become the story.  



Pucker up