Redditors Have Some Feelings About this Digg Acquisition

Like Batman without the Joker.

Could this be our last chance to use this wonderful image?

Tomorrow (or maybe Monday, unless Betaworks is really cracking that whip) the work of rebuilding Digg will begin. But today is a day of eulogies. What slew Digg, the once-mighty social site at one time thought to be worth $200 million? The Wall Street Journal points to Twitter and Facebook. This Forbes contributor is pretty sure it was Reddit.

Actually, Redditors are pretty sure that Digg killed Digg.

We popped over to the /r/technology subreddit, where Redditors–many of them self-confessed former Digg devotees–were discussing that Forbes article. Between nostalgic ASCII spam and arguments about Ron Paul, users were pretty much unanimous (or as unanimous as Redditors get) regarding what the site had evolved into.

One user said the minute Digg switched to v4, “the front page went from interesting, to a bunch of corporate sponsored ads and a few threads that managed to squeak through,” concluding that: “I didn’t come to Reddit because it was better or because it replaced digg for me, I came here because digg had a sudden heart attack and died.”

Said another user: “Digg killed itself. The interface was bloated up and made sloth-like. The content was dumbed-down with cellulose posts. Top 10 lists grew like weeds. Far too many politics (in posts and behind the scenes). Let’s not even mention the Digg bar.”

Another poster had a different angle but still pointed the finger right back at the site: “Digg had a great interface. But when they changed their algorithm, it all went to hell.”

Others took the long view, though: “What is going to kill Reddit, that is my question?”

As a great man once said, so it goes. Or, if you want to flash back:

Redditors Have Some Feelings About this Digg Acquisition