Romney’s Trip to Israel Well-Covered by City’s Jewish Press

The Friday edition of the Jewish Press

“What underlies a lot of the angst on the part of the American Jewish community is this administration’s treatment of Israel,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told POLITICO at the end of last week. “It’s almost unfathomable how the relationship started, with President Obama going to Cairo and speaking toward the Arab world in open and welcoming terms but demanding Israel stop construction in Jerusalem.”

The article suggested Mr. Romney’s goal is to lesson Mr. Obama’s advantage among Jewish voters, and his trip to Israel this weekend was part of that effort. And, while the full electoral impact of his overseas endeavor is impossible to discern, Mr. Romney’s trip — and support for moving America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem — did receive solid media coverage by both Jewish and non-Jewish outlets, especially in New York.

“In Israel, Romney Declares Yerushalayim To Be Capital,” the prominent Orthodox Jewish newspaper Hamodia proclaimed today on the top-right section of its cover, with its Friday edition placing two other stories about Mr. Romney and Israel on its front page.

Meanwhile, the Jewish Press featured Mr. Romney’s trip as the leading story on its Friday cover, and given the presence of additional stories about the subject on its webpage, seems likely to do so again today. For their part, the Algemeiner and the Jewish Week have the Israeli jaunt leading their news sections online.

And for the more secular-minded media consumers, there are naturally plenty of places to read about Mr. Romney’s trip too, as many prominent publications embedded reporters with Mr. Romney as he traveled overseas. A photo of the presidential candidate at the Wailing Wall led The New York Times‘ front page this morning, for example.

Of course, time will tell whether Mr. Romney can continue pressing his case to enough Jewish voters to make a difference in key states like Florida. Romney’s Trip to Israel Well-Covered by City’s Jewish Press