Roundup: A Troll We Can Believe In

Joe Crowley has a potential challenger for his leadership position in the House Democratic caucus.

Salon declared Mindy Meyer to be, “A troll we can believe in.”

Another southern Brooklyn Democrat accused Marty Golden of hogging credit for his actions.

Tish James endorsed Walter Mosley.

As expected, Governor Cuomo vetoed a school reimbursement bill.

An upstate energy company is threatening to sue the state if the Dept. of Environmental Conservation doesn’t step in and overturn municipal ordinances banning the practice.

John Haggerty is a convicted felon, but he’s still defending ballot challenges against Queens Republicans.

Meanwhile, the County Democrats successfully kicked Elizabeth Crowley off the ballot for district leader.

Western New York Republican Rep. Richard Hanna has some issues with his own party.

The Romney campaign is eager to put the summer behind them.

Their trip overseas wasn’t all bad.

They are set to deliver a series of major policy speeches as summer winds down.

Mitt Romney said that the press was focused on overseas stumbles because they wanted to help Obama.

Barack Obama donated $5,000 to his own campaign.

Iowa Republicans aren’t pleased with Mitt Romney’s stance on wind energy.

Barack Obama is reversing an earlier pledge not to run negative ads.

The Fix makes the case for Rob Portman.

Texas and Georgia are holding primary elections tonight, here’s watch to watch.

Police officers at the U.S. Capitol won a temporary reprieve from a proposed tattoo ban.

Conservatives in New Zealand jumped on the marriage equality bandwagon.

A Tennessee man assaulted his girlfriend after seeing photos of another man on her Facebook page–that man turned out to be Mitt Romney. Roundup: A Troll We Can Believe In