Roundup: Angry Old White Men

Various celebrities, as well as the owner of Gawker, contributed to Christine Quinn’s campaign.

And perhaps even more important for Quinn’s mayoral ambitions: she has millions of dollars of pork to distribute around the city.

The GOP’s Senate campaign arm got behind Eric Ulrich in a big way, even though he has a contested GOP primary.

The Senate Democrats remained deeply in debt.

Dave Valesky and his Republican colleagues mused on his unopposed candidacy.

David Storobin’s fundraising total: $150,000.

Although Elizabeth Crowley came in third place, it was a very economical campaign.

Kevin Parker’s GOP opponent is only 22 years old.

Diane Savino and Nicole Malliotakis marched and prayed with their electoral rivals.

“Recall: under New York’s current campaign finance laws, YOU CAN DO BASICALLY WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT WITH CAMPAIGN MONEY,” Jimmy Vielkind wrote of Carl Kruger’s latest filing. “Like buy a car. Or have your widow continue to spend it five years after you die. Legal legal legal. S’all good. This is, in my opinion, one of those things that makes the Empire State great.”

Dan Collins writes that the rise of Wendy Long speaks to the power of the Conservative Party.

Her campaign can’t seem to get out of debt, however.

Residents of the Gowanus neighborhood are on a mission to clean up their filthy canal.

Yoko Ono spoke out against hydrofracking, singing “Don’t Frack My Mother” to a Dylan tune.

Mitt Romney still has not invited Sarah Palin to the GOP convention.
In an impassioned speech on the Senate floor, Harry Reid said “angry old white men” are trying to buy the presidential election.

Mitt Romney’s problem, writes David Frum, is that white working class men are skeptical of his finance career, and he needs to win over 2/3rds of those voters to have a shot.

Romney wondered why it “wasn’t an issue” when John Kerry’s wife didn’t release her tax returns in 2004.

Rush Limbaugh on Barack Obama: “This man hates this country.”

Politifact agreed with the Obama campaign’s claim Romney was Bain’s chief executive when the company outsourced jobs.

At a campaign stop in Mississippi, Romney “managed to get more BBQ on him than he ate.”

A Romney campaign video mocking Obama for singing Al Green was taken down due to a copyright claim.

Comedienne Sarah Silverman made an indecent proposal to Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson. Roundup: Angry Old White Men