Morning Read: ConEd’s Army; Fair Taxi Fares; Obama’s Outsourcing Record

ConEd deployed an army of 5,000 managers in the city to handle the tasks of strking workers.

Nathaniel Persily, who drew New York’s congressional districts this year, is worried about absentee ballot problems.

More shootings struck the city on Monday.

The New York Post said Governor Cuomo doesn’t get it, continuing to argue drug law reform is responsible for violence.

Business advocates debated if New York is as “open for business” as Cuomo says.

Colin Beaven, the Green candidate against Hakeem Jeffries, filed his quarterly FEC report.

Green Party candidates across the state are having an easier time getting on the ballot.

Federal officials gathered up 700 geese near JFK yesterday, in order to kill them.

New York City contractors are now burdened with obtaining insurance coverage in case they sexually assault somebody.

The city’s taxi commission is set to vote for a 17% fare increase.

The Daily News said that fare is fair, provided it only goes to the drivers.

Michael Powell called the taxi industry “as politically connected and oligarchical a regulated industry as you’ll find in the city”

A Brooklyn Assistant DA apologized for appearing in blackface in a Facebook photo.

70 Stuyvesant students were caught cheating on a state exam.

The city heads to court today to fight for school closings.

The Catskills is seeking a rebranding to attract more vacationers.

The Times said Chuck Schumer prefers tax rates that would please campaign donors.

President Obama continued pushing for Mitt Romney to disclose his offshore accounts.

Romney said he’s not hiding any of his finances.

His campaign pushed back against the outsourcing charges.

Obama’s outsourcing attacks on Romney drew criticisms from his left flank.

Al Sharpton helped reenact Romney’s Hamptons fundraiser:
[youtube] Morning Read: ConEd’s Army; Fair Taxi Fares; Obama’s Outsourcing Record