Roundup: It’s True And He’s Just Unlike Other Human Beings

City & State channels The Wire:  “Sheeeeeeet-off: Larry Seabrook vs. Clay Davis.”

Seabrook’s government site is already gone and his seat declared vacant.

Mayor Bloomberg might not be backing the candidate with the strongest gun control record in the Massachusetts Senate race.

Andy King said the special election’s date won’t impact his campaign.

Ruben Diaz Jr. said the decision will allow the Bronx to move forward.

Christine Quinn is unusually circumspect in her legislative approach.

Grace Meng’s congressional campaign literature once featured her father.

Greg Ball linked himself to Governor Cuomo in his latest ad.

Dov Hikind is “aghast” at Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed circumcision policy.

In 2002, Mitt Romney had his own line of Olympic pins.

Romney won’t watch his wife’s horse compete at the Olympics.

Andrew Sullivan finds this weird: “This is either a fib, designed to insulate him from whatever minimal fallout there is from owning a dressage horse; or it’s true and he’s just unlike other human beings. I mean, Obama makes sure he sees his daughters’ high school sports games. But Romney won’t even watch his wife’s horse at the Olympics?”

A Romney fundraiser in London is proving controversial because of donations to Barclays execs tied to the LIBOR scandal.

The battle over Jewish voters is heating up.

General Motors and Walgreens departed right-wing state legislative lobbying outfit ALEC under pressure. Roundup: It’s True And He’s Just Unlike Other Human Beings