Roundup: Nothing Inspires Confidence More Than A Helmet

Kirsten Gillibrand said she has a “very different” vision from Wendy Long.

Long probably agrees, and she issued a statement comparing Gillibrand to Dukakis. She used a photo of Gillibrand wearing a hardhat and declared, “Nothing Inspires Confidence More than a Helmet.”

The city’s Board of Elections still doesn’t have an executive director.

The BOE official who met with Charlie Rangel’s supporters right before Election Day claimed he hadn’t read the Daily News article about the subject.

Steve Cymbrowitz is calling for the BOE’s General Counsel to resign, but not because of the Espaillat/Rangel race.

2010 Flashback: Tom Robbins wrote a great piece on the “Bizarro World” planet that the board exists in.

Cuomo may have visited a Southampton K-Mart today.

His office ghost writes quotes for others praising his administration, which at least one of those quoted described as “not a practice we normally do.”

Eric Schneiderman released his tax returns, and among his charitable deductions are a donation to  synagogue on the Upper West side, $800 to the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, $500 to the Lambda Legal defense fund and $500 to Freedom to Marry.

Chris Gibson said he’s no extremist.

Carl Paladino continued railing against the Senate Republicans: “There is no opposition to keep Albany honest or check the progressive agenda. Tom Libous, George Maziarz and Dean Skelos recently joined with Cuomo and Silver in proclaiming to the people that the legislative session was a complete success. They fixed everything that needed fixing and there was nothing left to do. Hello!!!”

Occupy Wall Street and other liberal groups are planning a big protest in front of the Koch compound in the Hamptons Sunday where a Mitt Romney fundraiser will be held.

Mitt Romney called the dismal June jobs numbers “a kick in the gut.”

The bad jobs news will give Romney a needed boost after a tough couple of weeks.

It also means that Obama will not be able to run on an improving economy.

What’s up with Romney’s “massive IRA?”

The 70-year-old proprietor of a diner in Akron, Ohio, died a few hours after Obama stopped in for breakfast Friday morning.

In other food news, Obama treated reporters to cookies from a bakery that had been dissed by Romney.

Donald Trump may not go to the GOP convention.

Former presidential candidate Thad McCotter is resigning from Congress.

Slate’s Dave Weigel thinks Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson could actually matter on Election Day.

Rolling Stone profiled MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and concluded she “generally presents only one” viewpoint–“and it is hers.”

Herman Cain’s alleged mistress penned an essay on “Life after Herman Cain.”

Aging conservative rocker Ted Nugent thinks we might have been better off if the South won the Civil War.

Roundup: Nothing Inspires Confidence More Than A Helmet