Roundup: Pack up Some Fruits And Place Some Money in There

Defense contractor Northrop Grumman is hosting a $1,000 head fundraiser for Chuck Schumer.

Grace Meng’s father allegedly told a cooperating witness, “You just pack up some fruits and place some money in there”

The Times Union published the Troopergate memo that Governor Cuomo removed from the archives. Liz Benjamin offered further analysis.

Same-sex marriage, one year old today, has been a boon to city coffers.

Jimmy van Bramer did his part for the economy and applied for a marriage license.

The mechanics of a Twitter campaign pressuring Susan Sarandon over sick days and Christine Quinn.

Mayor Bloomberg defended the city’s proposal to restrict an Orthodox Jewish circumcision  practice.

Juan Reyes has a spotty voting record.

Mindy Meyer cares more about Kim Kardashian than Governor Cuomo.

Michael Grimm and Bob Turner also oppose the sizable soda cup restrictions.

The Daily News fired its politics editor.

Paul Signer, who financed much of the gay marriage battle in New York, is turning his focus to Maine.

Barack Obama is on the defensive, going on the air to rebut Mitt Romney’s charge about the president’s “You didn’t build that line.”

Polls have a tendency to overestimate the support of third party candidacies.

Mitt Romney doesn’t talk much about the pillars of his life--his faith, his business experience, or his time running the state of Massachusetts.

A new poll showed Obama’s repeated attacks on Romney’s taxes and work with Bain Capital might just be working.

The Obama campaign is fighting back attempts to make hay out of the president’s “you didn’t build that” comment.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders released a report on “billionaires buying the 2012 election.”

Joe Lieberman told lawmakers his internet spying bill would prevent “a cyber 9/11 or a 9/11 Pearl Harbor.” Roundup: Pack up Some Fruits And Place Some Money in There