Roundup: ‘Swift-Yachting…See Also Bain-Boating’

Mark Murphy’s campaign linked Social Security to Michael Grimm’s butter knife incident.

Tommy Greco, a straight owner of a gay bar, is running to Brad Hoylman’s left.

Adam Clayton Powell VI said he’d “probably” run for congress in 2014.

Gustavo Rivera attacked his primary opponent’s socially conservative ideology.

The City Council will look into the Board of Elections’ problems now.

The MirRam consulting group will have to choose between Espaillat and Linares.

A longtime Occupy Wall Street-er blamed the movement’s decreased prominence on anarchists leaving the group in “a trickling loss of talent.”  

Dov Hikind’s primary challenge picked up the “School Choice Party.”

Cabbies will get what they wanted: a fare increase and restrictions to guarantee it goes in their pocket.

Mitt Romney headed out to Wyoming fundraiser with Dick Cheney.

Fortune uncovered documents indicating Romney “did not manage Bain Capital’s investments after leaving to run the Salt Lake City Olympic Games.”

Dave Weigel said the Bain SEC filings brouhaha amounts to “Swift-Yachting…See also Bain-boating.”

But some Republicans are nervous about the “Bain barrage.”

Harry Reid said that Romney couldn’t even get confirmed as a dog catcher.

Reid also said the Democratic nominee for Senate in his home state of Nevada is “a terrific candidate” despite a looming ethics investigation.

A Congressman vowed to protect your right to “bare” arms.

Senate Democrats are pushing legislation that would lead to more transparency in political ads.

Roundup:  ‘Swift-Yachting…See Also Bain-Boating’