Roundup: The Cat Is Both Alive and Dead

There’s a very high threshold for Adriano Espaillat to get a do-over election, but it has been done before. Absentee

There’s a very high threshold for Adriano Espaillat to get a do-over election, but it has been done before.

Absentee ballots are still coming in.

A Baruch professor said voters at his precinct were illegally asked for identification.

While the Board of Elections refused to accept any responsibility for Election Day troubles.

A former top deputy in the Dept. of Education says that instead of thinking about what would be best for students, officials there  consider what would be best for Mayor Bloomberg.

Lincoln Restler said a Hasidic rabbi was responsible for two thirds of Erik Dilan’s vote total last week, which he described as an “old-fashioned butt-whupping.”

Noah Gotbaum is mulling a run for Public Advocate.

Chris Collins said people no longer die from cancers that lots of people die from.

The Daily News counted no fewer than 12 hot dog puns from Mayor Bloomberg at the  Coney Island hot dog eating contest kickoff.

Brad Lander brought popsicles to striking Con Ed workers in Park Slope.

Alison Gendar is leaving the Daily News for the United Federation of Teachers.

Jerry Nadler criticized the NYPD for singling out activists videotaping stop-and-frisks.

The Committee to Save New York isn’t spending cash lobbying Albany like it used to.

There will be no Martha’s Vineyard vacation for the Obamas.

But Mitt Romney and his family are on vacation and it’s “proceeding with his trademark efficiency.”

At least two possible veep picks will be in the vicinity of Romney’s vacation compound.

Chris Christie said Romney will loosen up, eventually.

GOP activists are working to keep Romney honest on health care reform.

President Obama’s campaign pumped up the tax evasion argument against Romney.

John Roberts is currently in the island nation of Malta.

According to a Salon source, Roberts drafted most both of the dissenting and majority opinions in the Obamacare decision.

POLITICO compared Romney’s Obamacare position(s) to Schrödinger’s cat: “While the cat is locked in the chamber and the radioactive atoms are either decaying or not decaying, an outside observer can’t say with certainty whether the animal is alive or dead. Which means, according to Schrödinger, that the cat is both alive and dead.”

Ross Douthat says that the best part of the Obamacare ruling is that it lets both sides continue to fight it out in the legislature.

Human Rights Watch released an extensive report on Syria’s network of underground prisons and torture centers.

Rep. Allen West said that Obama wants to turn Americans into “economics slaves.”

Congressman Joe Walsh criticized his opponent, Tammy Duckworth, for discussing her military service in Iraq, which cost her both her legs.

Romney is running a “prevent defense” campaign, refusing to bash the president’s decisions on immigration, gay rights, and now, health care.

The Romney campaign is having a little trouble with Venn diagrams.

An art exhibit that is an homage to presidential losers.

The late TV icon Andy Griffith had some political connections. Roundup: The Cat Is Both Alive and Dead