Roundup: The Number One Security Threat

Asked what he will ban next, Michael Bloomberg said, “Anything that we can think of that will improve your health.”

Ed Cox wasn’t thrilled by President Obama fundraising in the city today.

Eric Adams said his support of Lincoln Restler was not meant as an affront to Vito Lopez: “I’m not poking anybody in the eye.”

Chuck Schumer defended Governor Cuomo’s record on increasing the minimum wage.

Fred Dicker was criticized for defending Cuomo’s secretive communication practices.

A number of organizations would very much like Cuomo to get behind campaign finance reform.

Jerry Iannece picked up 1199’s endorsement.

Dean Skelos is helping former Greg Ball foe Steve Katz raisemoney.

You can now receive a gentrification and G-Train-themed tour of Brooklyn.

Hillary Clinton personally defended Huma Abedin.

Newt Gingrich, however, thinks that the concerns about Abedin are completely valid.

Gay marriage will be an official plank of the national Democratic Party’s platform.

The Obama campaign seems unconcerned about the effect that voter ID laws will have on Pennsylvania.

The Olympics portion of Mitt Romney’s record seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle, Aaron Blake writes.

Romney called a nuclear Iran–and not Russia “the number one security threat.”

Dick Cheney will skip out on the GOP conventions.

Polish politician Lech Walesa endorsed Romney.

But the trade union he founded made sure to point out they were “in no way involved” with the endorsement. Roundup: The Number One Security Threat