Roundup: The Six Million Dollar Hombre

Moshe Tischler filed a lawsuit against Dov Hikind’s Republican and Conservative petitions.

David Chen profiled Christine Quinn’s Jersey Shore home.

Jimmy Meng didn’t appreciate being secretly taped by someone allegedly bribing him.

Jimmy Vielkind isn’t impressed with Governor Cuomo’s transparency, writing that is so bright it must be “blinding.”

Eliot Spitzer again weighed in on the transparency issue last night on Inside City Hall.

David Storobin still opposes the Sheepshead Bay Mosque.

Mindy Meyer doesn’t know who Dean Skelos is.

Nassau Dems are up in arms over their GOP counterparts restricting public comment in redistricting discussions.

Anthony Weiner’s fundraising situation wouldn’t be *that* bad if he ran in 2017 instead of 2013.

Marty Golden’s “Feminine Presence” seminar appears to be on its last legs.

Ruben Diaz: “The Six Million Dollar Hombre.”

Gabriela Rosa touted the fact that she endorsed differently from her boss, Assemblyman Farrell, in the Espaillat/Rangel race.

Greg Ball’s campaign calls their opponent “Wacky Wagner” in press releases.

City Council Members criticized the NYPD’s traffic investigation policies.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s campaigns dispute Romney’s “Anglo-Saxon” comment.

Will third party candidates be a factor in the presidential election?

Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee are standing up for anti-gay fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A.

Michele Bachmann is one of The Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful People,” along with New York politicos Nan Hayworth and Hannah Kim, Charlie Rangel’s spokeswoman.

Greenland’s ice sheet is melting faster than ever. Roundup: The Six Million Dollar Hombre