Roundup: The Walking, Breathing Embodiment of Virtually Everything Rotted and Corrupt About The American Political Class

A Board of Elections commissioner penned a bold apology letter on Adriano Espaillat’s behalf.

The Mitt Romney campaign threatened to keep Ed Cox away from the GOP convention unless they got to decide which delegates were chosen.

A Republican official blamed the story on “troublemakers.”

Dave Weigel discovered Joe Crowley’s floor speech and dubbed him the member of Congress “most likely to be played in a movie by Noah Emmerich.”

The House voted to repeal Obamacare for the 31st time.

Five Democrats voted with the pro-repeal faction.

David Weprin will shave his ‘stache, for a mere $1 million.

His brother Mark pointed out that Grace Meng must have won the white vote too on June 26th.

The IDC continued teasing the idea of intervening in Democratic primaries against incumbents.

Peter Vallone wants the City to stop naming bridges after the living.

A senior aide to Dean Skelos attended a fundraiser for David Storobin, possibly signaling support.

Avraham and Moishy Tischler were profiled in the Daily News, which suggested they were running for office in order to attract spouses.

Avraham collected 3,100 signatures.

More on how the factions in Hasidic Williamsburg have historically voted.

The State GOP is kicking off new efforts to appeal to Latino voters.

Christine Quinn also unloaded on ConEd.

Jerry Nadler, running opposed, filed his quarterly FEC report showing over $700,000 on hand.

This year’s Sept. 11 anniversary in New York will be the first in which politicians are excluded from speaking at the commemoration ceremony at ground zero.

Gersh Kuntzman, formerly of The Brooklyn Paper, is heading to the Daily News.

New Yorkers drank $31 million worth of iced coffee last year.

Democrats are cool on President Obama’s tax plan.

Mitt Romney said he knew he would be booed at the NAACP this year.

And he remains confident he will get black votes.

Romney is making gains on Obama among Latino voters.

A side by side comparison of the two candidates on immigration.

If Romney tells you about the veepstakes, he’s going to have to “come after you with my Men In Black flashlight and erase your memory.”

It’s a line he’s used before.

Medical marijuana supporter Nancy Pelosi thinks “it would be really important” for Congress to take on the issue.

Tell us what you really think: Glenn Greenwald called Harold Ford, Jr. “the walking, breathing embodiment of virtually everything rotted and corrupt about the American political class.”

Roundup: The Walking, Breathing Embodiment of Virtually Everything Rotted and Corrupt About The American Political Class