Roundup: These Famously Hot New York City Electoral Summers

A New York State Supreme Court judge  heard a complaint from Adriano Espaillat’s attorneys, which could lead to the  court to supervise vote counting.

Keith Wright warned Adriano Espaillat’s campaign of “spurious accusations” during “these famously hot New York City electoral summers.”

Tish James slammed Mike Bloomberg’s soda ban, and said that a better way to address the health crisis is for “the city to adequately finance parks in areas where there are high rates of obesity.”

Mayor Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn unveiled “health bucks” to encourage the use of food stamps at the city’s farmer markets.

Wendy Long wants to know where Kirsten Gillibrand stands on Obamacare.

An Occupy Wall Street candidate is in the mix for Hakeem Jeffries’ seat.

Albany lawmakers running for Congress missed a number of votes.

Nan Hayworth got kicked off the Independence Party line.

Juan Reyes linked Eric Ulrich to Albany’s problems.

Michael Grimm took to YouTube to kvetch about Obamacare.

Daily Kos Elections has more data from Mark Murphy’s poll of the race.

David Storobin invited the community to a mezuzah hanging at his district office.

The DCCC launched robocalls against Republican incumbents Upstate.

Peter Vallone defended Katie Holmes and said of her Scientologist stalkers, “The NYPD should give serious consideration to the arresting and disarming of these thugs.”

Rupert Murdoch thinks Mitt Romney’s staff is “upset” at him because he criticized the campaign on Twitter though he wants Romney to win and “save us from socialism.”

Mitt Romney’s website still says that he will nominate justices in the mold of John Roberts.

Top Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom broke with the Republican party line and said the healthcare law is not a tax.

Charlie Pierce on the Fehrnstrom Flub: Flibbity, floobity, gurgle, gleep!

Politico: “The veepstakes has long been a clinic in subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) self-aggrandizement.

Newt Gingrich warned the destructive storms that hit the DC are and cut power this weekend were a “mild taste of what an emp (electromagnetic pulse) attack would do.”

Times staffers wrote up their favorite books on politics.

Quixotic gay GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger officially gave up the ghost on Friday.

A teenager who became well known with a 2009 CPAC speech and subsequent book encouraging conservative principles now says he’s “probably” voting for Obama.

Roundup:  These Famously Hot New York City Electoral Summers