Roundup: They Could Take Away Our Steaks, Our Calzones!

Huma Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood ties are news to the Muslim Brotherhood.

One year after the first same-sex nuptials occurred in New York, there have not been as many of them as first predicted.

Marty Golden hopes Democrats keep talking about his cancelled seminar.

Michael Grimm opposes a ban on extended ammo clips.

Ruben Diaz announced his support for stop-and-frisk.

Mayor Bloomberg is helping a Florida State Senate candidate who used to work for him.

Carl Kruger’s former chief of staff is now working for Steve Cymbrowitz.

In advance of tomorrow’s Dept of Health hearing on Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban, about 100 protesters gathered on the steps of City Hall, some holding signs that said, “My Body, My Choice.”

Michelle Williams provided the voice for an anti-hydrofracking ad.

“They could take away our hot dogs,” one protester declared. “They could take away our steaks, our calzones!”

New Yorkers for Beverage Choices is out with radio ads mocking “Nanny Bloomberg.”

Andrea Peyser says that the new Nets arena in downtown Brooklyn will “breathe air” back into the apparently moribund borough.

Barack Obama’s victory is dependent upon tamping down voting among the white working class.

After the Aurora shooting, Joe Biden scrapped a planned policy speech in front of the National Association of Police Organizations in order to heap praise on the police.

The shootings put the increasingly vitriolic Obama/Romney campaign on hold.

But not for long, with the Obama camp chiding Romney to be more specific about foreign policy ahead of his overseas trip.

Romney said this is a time “for people to reach out to others in their community” rather than discussing gun policy.
The shootings are unlikely to spur Congress to take up additional gun control measures.

Stay classy, Russell Pearce: the former Arizona State Senator suggested that those in the movie theater lacked the courage to bring down the shooter.

Legal firearms will be permitted “all around” the Republican National Convention.

Bill Daley hopes that the Obama campaign is ready for recounts across several states.

Polling data shows indications the Obama campaign’s “attacks on Bain and outsourcing are particularly resonant in Ohio.”

The Obama campaign is holding a fundraiser with the cast from “The Wire.”

The Democratic and Republican tax plans, in chart form.

After defeating a Tea Party challenger, is Orrin Hatch tacking back to the center?

Christopher Shays won’t support Linda McMahon if she beats him in the GOP Senate primary in Connecticut: “You have a candidate who is basically giving the finger to all the editorial boards.”

Bloomberg LP is planning to go all-out for the conventions, publishing a daily magazine.

POLITICO announced their convention plans as well.

A very, very special song for Romney. Roundup: They Could Take Away Our Steaks, Our Calzones!