Roundup: Ultimately Maybe One Day

Mayor Bloomberg sued the City Council, arguing that their living and prevailing wage bills are illegal.

Anthony Weiner’s hypothetical mayoral campaign received a newspaper endorsement.

In more serious news, Mindy Meyer said, “I want to ultimately maybe one day run in the presidential elections.”

The Rothenberg Political Report says that Chris Gibson’s congressional seat is one of eight pure toss-ups in November, and give a little breathing room to Nan Hayworth and Michael Grimm.

Scott Brown is basking in the endorsement of Mike Bloomberg.

John Messer has been spending heavily in his freshly minted senate campaign.

The Atlantic  takes a look at Christine Quinn’s dilemma over paid sick leave.

In other parts of the country, state legislative incumbents have been losing more primaries.

An aide to Eric Schneiderman was killed during by the storm in Brooklyn last night.

George Arzt is no longer handling communications for John Liu’s campaign.

Joseph Hayon secured three ballot lines.

Ola Alabi was endorsed by the UFCW.

Mayor Bloomberg said the city has enough cops, causing Peter Vallone to declare, The mayor is like the little boy who didn’t cry wolf even though there is a giant wolf coming.”

He also gave the ACLU props for their Chick-fil-A position and blamed a simple software malfunction on the bike-share program’s delays.

Some Democratic politicians in southern Brooklyn are taking shots at Marty Golden claiming credit for things, including Bill Colton, who penned an indirectly critical op-ed and Lew Fidler, who declared, “The Brooklyn Council delegation didn’t run out and hold a press conference like a certain State Senator did to take credit.”

Michael Grimm called on Governor Cuomo to get involved in the State Island toll situation.

Excited about the new arena in his borough, Marty Markowitz said, “Brooklyn swagger will drown out the desperate Knicks fans.”

A Conservative Party cabinet minister says that even the Tories are secretly backing Obama.

Mitt Romney somehow bungled one moment after another in the U.K.

The London papers are making great sport of the matter: Romney is the “Party Pooper” in the Daily Mail, “Nowhere Man” in the Times of London and “Mitt the Twit” in The Sun.

Even Karl Rove is piling on: “You have to shake your head.”

Why early voting matters: it allows campaigns to target their remaining supporters.

In a very funny review, Dave Weigel takes down Dinesh D’Souza’s new investigative documentary into Barack Obama’s anti-colonial rage.

Rick Santorum defended Penn State and blasted the Freeh report. Roundup: Ultimately Maybe One Day