Roundup: Upper West Siders Are Elitist Snobs

Governor Cuomo’s office finally released a 2,200 word letter — on the Friday evening after a national tragedy — criticizing a New York Times story on his lobbying efforts, long after the FOIL deadline. The letter concludes, “We understand The Time’s desire to win awards for breaking scandals, but that is different than trying to manufacture them.”

David Yassky is mulling a run for city comptroller or Brooklyn district attorney.

“Another law enforcement source, without elaborating, told that Grimm also was under investigation for issues not related to campaign finance, and former FBI agents have been interviewed.”

Lesson for Queens Democrats: Don’t cross Joe Crowley. He’s currently working to kick Elizabeth Crowley off the unopposed ballot for district leader.

Marty Golden scored the endorsement of some police unions.

Brooklyn legislators jockeyed to claim credit for restoring bus services.

Etienne David Adorno formally announced his assembly campaign against Mike Miller.

A Juan Reyes supporter sent out a bizarre press release attacking Eric Ulrich.

Ben Kallos is embarrassed that the CEO of Con Ed lives in the council district he’s campaigning for.

A judge ruled the MTA violated the rights of a pro-Israel group wishing to run ads calling Palestinians “savages.” The judge further said the MTA’s own policies would allow ads such as “Blondes are bimbos,” “Lawyers are sleazebags” and “Upper West Siders are elitist snobs.”

The gun control debate has returned in light of last night’s tragedy. Will it be changed though?

NYPD officers will be stationed in the city’s theaters.

The LIBOR scandal may turn Mitt Romney’s London fundraisers into a “public relations headache.”

During his time as Massachusetts governor, Romney was more active on gun control than President Barack Obama has been.

George W. Bush ”respectfully declined” his invitation to the Republican National Convention.

Both presidential campaigns and a slew of super PACs decided to pull their Colorado ads in the aftermath of today’s shooting.

The Tea Party is considering having a rally of their own on the eve of the RNC.

Roundup: Upper West Siders Are Elitist Snobs