Roundup: Who The Hell Is Grover Norquist Anyway?

Governor Cuomo’s ex-wife was arrested and charged with driving while impaired by drugs this morning.

Cuomo could be comforted by the fact he raised a cool $5.8 million for his 2014 reelection.

Owen Johnson penned a long goodbye letter.

Jeff Klein will run for reelection on the Republican line too.

Mayor Bloomberg defended Ray Kelly’s criticism of politicians for not speaking against violence.

The state Board of Elections called out the city’s board’s excuse for its antiquated processes.

The State GOP is helping financially prop up Eric Ulrich’s campaign.

A Republican group is now helping keep Marty Golden’s etiquette class in the news.

Robert Mittman spent more cash than his campaign had in the closing days.

The city officially marked new avenue in Midtown, designated 6 ½th Ave.

A 1999 press release described Mitt Romney as “part-time” at Bain Capital.

The Fix is skeptical of the Condi Rice for VP chatter.

Bob McDonnell said that Mitt Romney’s Bain career is off limits.

Romney went on a media blitz amid the Bain firestorm.

Dave Weigel think the Romney campaign created the Bain controversy for themselves.

Rick Santorum will stump for Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania.

An anti-abortion group thinks Condi Rice would be an unacceptable pick for Mitt.

George H.W. Bush on his distaste for tax pledges: “Who the hell is Grover Norquist, anyway?

Romney’s campaign blamed Israel’s Prime Minister for the unfortunate timing of his fundraiser there.

Late night comedienne Chelsea Handler donated to Obama.

Roundup: Who The Hell Is Grover Norquist Anyway?