Roundup: You See Me Hugging Muslims Around The World

More bad news for Michael Grimm: A federal grand jury is issuing subpoenas and probing his 2010 campaign.

With the Weiner-scandal and Michele Bachmann’s accusing her of being a spy, this appears to be Huma Abedin’s moment to shine, and the rumors that she may run for office are growing louder.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, who signed Bachmann’s letter calling for an investigation into Abedin’s alleged connection with the Muslim Brotherhood defended himself against the charge it is an anti-Muslim witch hunt. “You see me hugging Muslims around the world, because the ones I hug are our friends.”

George Arzt said a Weiner comeback won’t be easy, “but others have done far worse.”

Governor Cuomo won a possibly unwelcome award: “Best Democrat Who Acts Like a Republican.”

State Senator Martin Dilan said, “Congresswoman Velazquez thinks she is the new boss in Brooklyn.”

Meet Preet Bharara, “The New Sheriff of Wall Street.”

Susan Sarandon supports Christine Quinn.

Tony Avella said a Democratic Senate Majority would block hydrofracking.

Walter Mosley’s assembly campaign is off to a healthy start.

“With 22 million Americans out of work, House Rs are taking an early break,” Jerry Nadler tweeted. “Is it so they can see the new Batman movie?”

Bill de Blasio’s likes his outerborough website traffic, Christine Quinn likes her Twitter followers, while Tom Allon enjoys his “Talk to Tom” events. The other campaigns had no comment.

The City Council sent $5 million in extra funds to Friends of the High Line, even though the park pulled in $85 million in private funding and a has a lucrative concessions deal.

Major Garrett: “To win, senior Obama advisers concede they must impeach the witness, meaning they have to deprive Romney of the ability to speak credibly during the GOP convention or in the three presidential debates about the economy, job creation, or any other financial insights he may possess for these troubled times.”

Jamelle Bouie points out that Mitt Romney will have no trouble connecting with voters if the economy continues to deteriorate.

A run-through of the possible VP picks for Mitt Romney.

Chris Christie explained why he yelled at a heckler earlier this month. “It was not a lack of self control…It was an absolutely planned response. You use that language in front my children, you’re gonna hear back from me.”

An Internet Defense League has been formed to fight against the next SOPA.

Daily Intel’s Dan Amira thinks Ann Romney’s controversial “you people” quote was misheard. “The letter y definitely makes an appearance in there, but the word you does not.”

Rand Paul did battle with a large fly on the Senate floor.

Donald Trump cut a $30,000 check to the National Republican Senate Committee.

Jon Huntsman’s daughter, Abby, covered the controversy over Romney’s tax returns for the Huffington Post.

Eric Cantor wants the GOP to be the “party of inclusion” and checks Intrade “pretty often” to follow House races.

While covering Romney in Boston, New York Times politics reporter Ashley Parker had a Twitter-driven run-in with Gloria Estefan at a Starbucks.

Texas Congressman Michael McCaul believes unmanned drones will “dominate skies” over the U.S. within two-and-a-half years.

A Republican fundraiser was charged with kidnapping and raping multiple women.

Roundup: You See Me Hugging Muslims Around The World