Sex House: Finally, a ‘Reality’ Series We Can All Enjoy (Video)

If only this was a real show (YouTube)

If you have not seen The Onion’s latest spoof on Real World/Road Rules/Jersey Shore/any reality show that involves strangers being forced to fight under barbaric conditions (lack of food, overabundance of alcohol, constant camera crews, etc.), then you need to immediately go watch Sex House. Now in its second episode, Sex House plays with the reality TV convention before ramping it up to 11.

And then it gets dark. Real dark.

The initial joke of the first episode plays on those Real World archetypal characters–the slut, the jock, the gay guy, the virgin–before going evolving into a different sort of parody than the one promised in the opening sequence (“Six sexy Americans alone in a house with nothing do…except get nasty”), and that leaves you feeling a little sick inside.

“I think the fact that we’re all getting a stipend to have sex with each other might violate state law,” is our new favorite quote for 2012.

Episode 2, which came out yesterday, could have easily been a disappointment after the stellar premiere, and though it never quite lives up to the “Tombstone pizza contest” line, it does manage to keep itself on track with by satirizing the conventions of these shows without ever going veering into absurdest slapstick.

If you think MTV producers aren’t kicking themselves for not creating Sex House before, then you need to be paying more attention: we keep expecting a cameo from Snooki, but we’re not sure if she’s had her baby yet. Sex House: Finally, a ‘Reality’ Series We Can All Enjoy (Video)