Songs in the Key of G (Train)

Sing a song about the G, get sent to Sweden! (Brooklyn Brewery)

The G train gets a bad rap sometimes. Residents of Brooklyn and Queens often grumble about the train’s sporadic service, long waits, lack of weekend service, and its general uselessness. But there’s at least one champion of the G out there (which will be extending its service thanks to the MTA’s new budget allotment), and they want you to show your love as well.

The Williamsburg beer factory/garden Brooklyn Brewery is holding a contest for songsmiths to pen a tune about their experience riding the green rails, which, as they point out, is statistically a pretty decent train. The winning band will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Sweden, where the hops palace has teamed up with Debaser to hold the first ever Brooklyn music festival in Stockholm. (Why? Who knows.)

The official deadline for entry was July 24th (sorry!), but you can still vote on the ten finalists over on the Brewery’s Facebook page. Tomorrow is the last day to pick your favorite, so get on this: the songs range from like Matthew Meyer’s indie ballad “G Ode,” which chronicles the trials of commuting “from a train to a bus,” to the auto-tuned “I’ll Wait For You” (Get it? Because the train is so slow?)

But our personal favorite is Teen Commandments’ “No Burning Headlights,” which took a time machine to steal the glam-rock vocals from David Bowie and coupled it with the synth  guy from Echo and the Bunnymen.

Songs in the Key of G (Train)