Stars and Fans of Bravo’s Miss Advised Enable Each Other in Narcissistic Echo Chamber/Viewing Party

“They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that’s how I feel,” Emily Morse, “sex expert” and star of the new Bravo show Miss Advised shouted at The Observer over the DJ at the Scarlet Lounge last night, at a viewing party for the new series.

She was referring to the process of agreeing to star in a reality show, only to be met by the inevitable onslaught of criticism. The show, which follows Ms. Morse, relationship columnist Julia Allison and professional matchmaker Amy Laurent as they struggle in their dating lives, has been, like most Bravo Television, an easy target for bloggers and reviewers who call the girls everything from “self-absorbed” to “boring.”

But despite the obvious talent Bravo’s editors have for making the women look as shallow as possible and the pervasive negative press that surrounds each episode, Ms. Morse had words of encouragement for aspiring reality television stars. “We got such a good response from the viewers that I feel like [the experience] has been really positive,” she told us.
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