Startup News: New Site to Sell Your Old Clothes; New App to Sell Your Old iPhone Photos

Now selling for $10 on

Secondhand News The online consignment shop went live this week. Billed as a “curated, online eco-mmunity” for buying, selling and trading vintage clothing, users can apply to create a “closet” and upload pictures of used clothing to sell—which must be approved by the “ReFashion police.” For more info, we direct you to the site’s 10-point sustainable fashion manifesto.

Pricey pics Short on cash? Now you can sell your iPhone photos for $10 a pop. Simply download Foap’s free app, upload photos from your iPhone albums and send them to Foap’s “experts” for approval.  The only catch: Foap pockets 50 percent of your profit on each image, and users are warned that images with heavy filters from Instagram and the like won’t be approved. But still!

Communal connectivity Open Garden, a free app for Android, Mac and PC that enables one gadget to share bandwidth connectivity with nearby devices, announced a new Wi-Fi Direct feature for Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” at Google I/O last week.

TV on the internet BuddyTV announced an update to their iOS app, which is now integrated with Facebook Open Graph–enabling users to share your ratings, favorite TV shows and movies and other app activities with Facebook friends.

Check-in Foursquare just launched their “Connected Apps” platform, which enables developers to build apps directly connected to Foursquare. Partners include The Weather Channel—now you can get the weather forecast with your first check-in to a new city—and Eat This, Not That, which tells you what dishes to order and avoid once you check-in to a particular restaurant.

Green apps Check out the winning apps from the city’s first sustainability hackathon, Reinvent Green. Try them out and vote for your favorite before July 15.

More data Chartbeat Publishing, a data analytics service for editors and publishers, just launched its Heads Up Display. Designed to give content producers immediate information on the health and user activity of their sites, the new display provides vitals to help editors understand which articles are driving site traffic, how quickly a particular story is accelerating or decelerating, and how far down on the page viewers are reading.

Now hiring We’ve heard that Bitly is looking for a Sales Research Associate, Acclivity NYC needs a UI/UX Designer and a Python Back-end Developer and wants a Senior iOS Engineer.

Startup News: New Site to Sell Your Old Clothes; New App to Sell Your Old iPhone Photos