Startup News: BuddyTV Makes it Easier to Watch the Good Parts of the Olympics; Vayable Announces Y-Combinator Backing

“A Private Night on Alcatraz”—it could be yours on

The Olympics BuddyTV has added a dedicated Olympics quicklist to its TV guide, allowing users to see a chronological, up-to-date list of all coverage on their available channels–since, despite the numerous apps which cater to online streaming, the majority of viewers still watch the Olympics on television. Quicklist subscribers can also receive real-time alerts and view extensive editorial coverage of the games.

Alt. Olympics Tomorrow marks the start of Battle Royale—an ongoing, vote-based competition hosted by Kings of the Web, where YouTube entertainers and fans compete for cash and recognition. For more information regarding how this competition will determine “who truly rules the Internet,” here’s the trailer.

Accessorize Case-Mate, a mobile accessory design company, just announced a partnership with triple threat Common (an artist, actor and author), who joins Selena Gomez in an attempt to convince Millennials to outfit their cellphones and tablets in style. Keep an eye out for Common at Fashion Week, where he will be co-hosting a “mobile accessories fashion event.”

Advisory notice The New York-based music licensing startup Jingle Punks, which specializes in original music for film, television and advertising, just announced that director Brett Ratner will join the company’s board of advisors.

App for that The HipGeo app is launching today, enabling users to create automatically location-based streams from photos, videos and text—”instantly transforming these elements into rich virtual storytelling journals,” or so they claim. While we are somewhat skeptical of the utility of an app designed to make it even easier to share content on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it’s worth mentioning that Jerry Yang is an investor.

Changeup The Cambridge-based social TV analytics company Bluefin Labs just announced JP Maheu–the former CEO of Razorfish and Publicis Modem—as its new CEO. Cofounder and current CEO Deb Roy will stay on as chairman.

Vacation better Vayable, a “marketplace for travel experiences”—such as $250 fishing trips with a local Fijian king and overnight (romantic?) visits to Alcatraz—just announced funding from Y-Combinator. The site, which currently offers over 2500 experiences in 600 cities, claims that revenue has been growing rapidly over the past few months, aided by the recent launch of their concierge feature (which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like), and that it’s already raised an undisclosed amount from several prominent angels in the Bay Area. Startup News: BuddyTV Makes it Easier to Watch the Good Parts of the Olympics; Vayable Announces Y-Combinator Backing