Storobin and Felder Like Their Fundraising Totals

Simcha Felder and David Storobin

It’s filing day, and both Republican State Senator David Storobin and his main Democratic rival, former City Councilman Simcha Felder, like their campaigns’ fundraising accounts. Mr. Felder reported raising $229,000 with $525,000 cash-on-hand, while multiple sources in Mr. Storobin campaign told us they aren’t that far behind, at least in terms of campaign raised.

“He raised more in the last two weeks than in the whole previous campaign,” one source explained, with another pegging the number at below Mr. Felder’s, but still in the six figures.

“I want to thank all of my contributors for their support,” Mr. Felder said in a statement touting the total. “Their contributions show their belief in my commitment, experience and record of fighting for this community.”

Mr. Felder’s press release also pointed to the 12,767 signatures he filed to get onto the ballot, which the statement said might have been a historic amount for a state senate race. It read, “According to published reports, this number is significantly higher than any Senate campaign filed across New York State.”

“I am encouraged by the combined support of the voters who signed my petitions and the donors who contributed to my campaign,” the Democratic candidate continued. “I am honored that so many people expressed such confidence in me.”

Storobin and Felder Like Their Fundraising Totals