Sweeney goes after FOX’s Bill O’Reilly

Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) today savaged Bill O’Reilly, throwing an ironworker’s gauntlet down in front of the deskbound FOX News personality. 

“It’s obvious Bill O’Reilly doesn’t truly care about giving his viewers the facts on the causes he supposedly cares about, he only cares about his ratings and hawking more of his books,” said Sweeney in response to last Thursday night’s Talking Points segment, when O’Reilly misrepresented Sweeney’s position on protecting children from pedophiles.

“It’s easy to play the tough guy when you’re in a mid-town Manhattan studio and not in the trenches working to create laws. I put my record of doing things to actually protect kids up against O’Reilly’s record of misinformation and self-righteousness any day of the week,” added Sweeney, cosponsor of legislation to ensure tough mandatory sentences for convicted child sex offenders (S380, “Jessica Lunsford Act”).

The Senate president said he has also sponsored state laws toughening Megan’s Law by requiring released sex offenders to submit to GPS tracking and better protecting individuals with developmental disabilities from abuse. 

“If Bill O’Reilly took the time to educate himself instead of having his producers do his homework for him, he would have learned that New Jersey has some of the nation’s toughest anti-pedophile laws and is on the cusp of making them even tougher,” said Sweeney. “But instead, he took the easy way out to make sure he made it into his makeup chair in time. O’Reilly’s viewers – and all of us who care about kids – deserve better.” Sweeney goes after FOX’s Bill O’Reilly