The Funniest Tech-Related For Dummies Books

Who writes this stuff?

(Photo: Twitter)

We haven’t thought about the prolific For Dummies series since a college programming class when our professor had us buy Flash for Dummies (thanks for the vote of confidence). So imagine our surprise when this tweet popped up in our Twitter feed and we learned that there is an entire canon of For Dummies texts that go as niche as niche can go. Here are some of our favs, since it’s the evening before 4th of July and no one is reading the Internet anyway.

1. Pinterest Marketing for Dummies

WARNING: Only read if you’ve already mastered Pinterest for Dummies.

2. Spotify for Dummies

“This book is spot on!”

3. Starting an Etsy Business for Dummies

Applique birds not included.

4. Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Dummies

We gather that this is a Windows application but that name!

5. Facebook for Dummies

“I’ve torn thru this book looking for desperate help, but am still having touble. I think I need a Sesame Street version or need a kid to teach me.” – An actual review

6. Hacking Wireless Networks for Dummies

“Become a cyber-hero – know the common wireless weaknesses.”

7. iPad2 for Seniors for Dummies

We actually might buy this for our Grammy.

8. Food Blogging for Dummies

When Blogging for Dummies isn’t specific enough.

The Funniest Tech-Related For Dummies Books