The Inevitable Culmination of All IFC Programming: Free Improv Theater Classes!

Bunk yourself into an improv class! (IFC)

Recently, we took a trip to Los Angeles, and besides all the driving and the fact that it was way colder out West, the thing that struck us as the biggest difference between to the inhabitants of the only two cities in America is that people in L.A. are all really into their improv classes. We know, UCB and the Pit have dominated Chelsea, and we all know somebody who knows somebody who took a class at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater and now writes for 30 Rock, but in L.A. it’s essentially the new Scientology, but with less famous people.

This is all to say that improv is getting pretty popular among the young, “hip” crowd these days, though lord knows why, because most people are just really awkward at that form of comedy. Which is probably why IFC, home to all awkward comedy (Portlandia, Bunk, and Comedy Bang Bang!) is holding a contest tonight where the winner will receive an improv course at the district with the highest per-capita of  20-somethings who all work at coffee shops nearest to them!

Also, you must have a valid Twitter account to enter. Natch.

Starting tonight, if you are watching the IFC improv game show Bunk with Kurt Braunohler and you are good at tweeting, pretty soon you can be living large like Michael Scott.

See? That’s what all of Los Angeles/IFC is like these days!! Crazy awkward! But for you ‘prov heads out there, here’s how you can win a $300 voucher to the school nearest you!

Bunking Yourself is about to get even better. Starting tonight, Bunk Yourself players will be competing to win a $300 voucher towards a class at an improv school in their area. That’s right, being funny on the internet can now earn you more than just retweets and the occasional follow from a spam bot. Specifically, it can help pay for your next improv/comedy class!

Here’s how it works.

  1. Watch BUNK on Fridays at 10:30/9:30c.
  2. Keep an eye on your TV for cues for each play-at-home challenge (2 per show*).
  3. Tweet your answers with the challenge hashtag to @IFCBunk.
  4. Check the @IFCBunk feed on Monday morning for our winners’ announcement.

Here’s a list of the schools that are already on board to participate (with more to come!):

Second City – L.A./Chicago

Dirty South Comedy Theater – Carrboro, NC

Empire Comedy – Reno, NV

ComedySportz Indianapolis – Indianapolis, IN

Magnet Theater – New York, NY

Kick Comedy Theater – Kansas City, MO

American Comedy Institute – New York, NY

Unexpected Productions – Seattle, WA

Wait, they do improv in Kansas? Mind blown.

The Inevitable Culmination of All IFC Programming: Free Improv Theater Classes!