The Best Overlooked New York Films, as Determined By Angry TONY Commenters

Moonstruck, Time Out, Men in Black, and The Apartment

Whenever a news organization, blog, or what have you comes out with a “definitive” list on the Internet, they do so with the knowledge that half their traffic will come from people who are furious over particular omissions or inclusions. Even something as innocuous as naming New York’s most powerful media couples (and single people!) can start a firestorm that usually ends when Henry Blodget comes up with an even more esoteric lightning rod.

So when Time Out New York did a list of the 100 best films set in New York (not filmed, mind you!), and then ranked them in order, they were essentially placing a giant Kick Me sign next to their hundreds of thousands of pageviews. Consider it life’s greatest trade-off. Or something.

Even though their list was as comprehensive as it was ambitious, including everything from Manhattan to the Ethan Hawke version of Hamlet, there were a few heavy-hitters missing from the list. (Ostensibly because every Woody Allen movie up until his European vacation couldn’t be included due to space issues.) Still, commenters were super pissed about three movie rejections in particular: Moonstruck, Men In Black, and The Apartment.

So apparently the best underrated films about New York are about aliens, romances involving comped tickets to The Music Man, and Nicolas Cage screaming with a fake hand. (Seriously, go to 1:00 mark.)

Sounds about right.

The Best Overlooked New York Films, as Determined By Angry <em>TONY</em> Commenters